Saturday, November 11, 2017

Disney World or bust, 2017

Dear Olivia, Cate and Simon,
 Disney World 2017 was a trip to remember, and a special thanks to nana and papa for making it happen! 
Cate, this is going on your page because I've never seen you quite this happy in your whole 4 year life:)  That made me happy too:)

Simon:  Mickey = "Mee Mee!" 
Simon wasn't getting anywhere near Mickey,
but definitely thought he was interesting from a distance.

calling all cousins...

Cate, when Cinderella told you to be kind to your sister, your eyes got big and you agreed.  
You would agree to whatever Cinderella says!

It's a small world, afterall.  It's a small world afterall.  It's a small world afterall.  
It's a small, small world.  (repeat, repeat, repeat). I love this ride with you guys most!


Of course, you guys are already asking to go back.
My response is, "ask nana and papa."  :)
love, mom

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Dear Cate,
You are a little version of a grown up.
Also, the epidemy of a middle child.
You love people but you don't always know how to show it.
Hello to my mini-me...

"There's a spider downstairs. Can you spank it?"

"I can't wait to eat.  I'm starvering."

You HAD to sleep with so many babies...
Something tells me you'll have a big family someday Cate.

"There's no dragons with God." I don't know what you meant by that, but it sounds true!

You both wanted blue noses for Halloween.  Weirdos!

...Yet beautiful at the same time:)

Just a routine visit from a familiar super-hero friend;)

(Brown smudge on Cate's bed.)
"Cate, is that poop or chocolate on your bed?"
"Did you put it there?"
"Who did?"
"Somebody else did."
"It wasn't you?"
"No, I don't know who did."
"Then how do you know it's chocolate?"
(Pause) "It's poop."

I walk outside.
O:  Mom, paint spilled on the driveway.
(Black pool of paint on driveway.)
O:  Cate walked in it.
M: Where's Cate?
O:  Inside.

The first thing you did at Adventureland...

No one really wants to leave Adventureland...

One state fair memory for the record...

This week you started thanking God for everything a 4 year old can think of-including that we can all be together.  At the end of your prayer-"the end."

 I'm thankful we have each other too.