Saturday, February 11, 2017


Dear Cate,
You are a little version of a grown up.
Also, the epidemy of a middle child.
You love people but you don't always know how to show it.
Hello to my mini-me...

"There's a spider downstairs. Can you spank it?"

"I can't wait to eat.  I'm starvering."

You HAD to sleep with so many babies...
Something tells me you'll have a big family someday Cate.

"There's no dragons with God." I don't know what you meant by that, but it sounds true!

You both wanted blue noses for Halloween.  Weirdos!

...Yet beautiful at the same time:)

Just a routine visit from a familiar super-hero friend;)

(Brown smudge on Cate's bed.)
"Cate, is that poop or chocolate on your bed?"
"Did you put it there?"
"Who did?"
"Somebody else did."
"It wasn't you?"
"No, I don't know who did."
"Then how do you know it's chocolate?"
(Pause) "It's poop."

I walk outside.
O:  Mom, paint spilled on the driveway.
(Black pool of paint on driveway.)
O:  Cate walked in it.
M: Where's Cate?
O:  Inside.

The first thing you did at Adventureland...

No one really wants to leave Adventureland...

One state fair memory for the record...

This week you started thanking God for everything a 4 year old can think of-including that we can all be together.  At the end of your prayer-"the end."

 I'm thankful we have each other too.


Saturday, July 2, 2016


 Dear Cate,
Your stories start with..."When I was a little girl..."

Sometimes you have a hispanic accent.  
"I not doin dat."
"No way, I not goin nowhere."

when we play hide and seek, you can't count to 30 yet, so we have you count to 10, 3 times.

Favorite place: Inside
Favorite time: "Worksheep" time

You love "Enchilalas"

this was after you had your tooth pulled. 

the tooth fairy paid extra money for that tooth!

"I shy."
you love to laugh and be silly, as long as you know everybody in the room.